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Building Construction Specification
 Earth work excavation up to 5’ depth 4’6” x  4’6” size from ground level for all soils and sub soils except
 Hard Rock requiring  blasting for all columns.
River sand filling 4” thick for all column pits.
PCC 1:5:10 using 40mm jelly for all column pits – 5” thick consolidated manually.
Pedal concrete RCC 1:2:4, 8” thick for 4’ x 4; size.
Footing in RCC 1:2:4 (sloped) 15” depth for all columns.
Columns of size 9”x 9’’ and 9” x 12” in RCC 1:1.5:3 using 20mm HBG stone jelly as per design.
Plinth beam in RCC 1:1.5:3 for all walls of size 9” x 15” at ground level over the 4” bed of 1:4:8 using 40mm jelly.
Basement with brick work 1:6 over plinth beam plastered in and out and up to 2’0” above ground level( not road level ).
Basement above 2’0” from ground will be extra cost. Cost will be including filling of murram, brick work,
concrete of column etc., complete.

  Refilling of basement with excavated soil, 1’0’ depth will be filled with murrum soil.
  Flooring PCC 1:4:8 for all room after consolidating the earth and filling 2” quarry powder.
  Brick work in cm 1:6 using quality well burnt country bricks of size 3” x 4.5” x 9” for all walls except partition walls.
  Lintel beam of size as per design in RCC 1:2:4 for all outside walls using 20mm HBG stone jelly finished with metal sheet shuttering.
  All walls connected with lintels RCC 1:2:4 at 7’0” internally, and loft will be given wherever necessary.
  Roof beam of size as per design in RCC 1:2:4 using 20mm HBG stone jelly well compacted will be done with sheet shuttering.
  Roof concrete in RCC 1:2:4, 4.5” to 5.5” thick according to the size of room and using 20mm HBG stone jellyfinishing with the support of steel props and sheet      centering.
  Ceiling plastering in cm 1:3 for all rooms after removing the centering (15 days after concrete).
  Wall plastering in cm 1:5 for all walls after completely electrical pipe work and switch box work (rough plastering).

  Wood work using Malaysian timber for all wooden frames (doors, windows and ventilators) of size 5” x 3”. All door shutters are made of paneled readymade FGP    polished doors.
  Main door will be Teak of size 5” x 3” shutters also Teak of size 4” x 1.5” plank of size 1”.
  Grills are MS flat good quality having space of 3.5” centre of concrete.
  Putty will be done for all walls except ceiling, toilet walls and outside.
  Painting-Doors and window shutters will be spray painting using Asian Enamel paint.
  White washing and color washing will be snowcem for all three sides front side will be Asian Ace paint.
  Window Glass-4mm pinned glass for all window panels (other glass will be extra cost).
  Floor tiles for all rooms except toilet will be done, tiles cost will be around 45/-.
  For toilets-sanitary wares will be Parry ware and fittings will be stainless steel.
 Water line in ISI PVC conduits will be taken from water tank to all toilets and kitchen. (Open water line in the outer wall and will be concealed in all toilets).

Electrical Points

Bed Room
Light         - 4
Fan point        -2
Plug point        -2
2way         -2
TV point        -1

Fan point        -4
Light point        -5
Plug point        -4
TV point        -1
Telephone point        -2

Light point        -3
Chimney or Exhaust    -2
Grinder        -1
Mixi            -2
RO            -1        
Fan point        -1
Light point        -2
Plug point        -2
Fridge point        -1
Fan point        -1
Light point        -2
Plug point        -1


•Bell point  -1
•Fan point  -2
•Show point  -4
•Light point  -2
•Wash area  -2
•Outside  -1

Plumbing Works



•Geyser  -1
•Wall Mixture  -1
•Shower  -1
•Western closet  -1
•Wash Basin  -1


•Sink  -1
•Ro  -1
•Delivery line   -1
Extra works:
 Septic Tank
 Overhead Tank
 Compound Wall / Gate
 Weathering Tiles / Concrete
 Steel doors / Ladder
 Electrical supply, meter board
Water line from bore well to water tank
 Solar water pipe line
 Outside (Building all-round) development work
 Grill square rod
 Kitchen granite top
  Tiles for toilet will be supplied by the client.

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